Optical networks and transmission technologies

Another important component of our activities is the operation, construction and maintenance of optical networks.

We have participated in the construction of backbone and metropolitan networks of UPC, Telefonica Czech R., GTS Novera and T-Moblile Czech R. throughout the Czech Republic. We have delivered optical routes on a turnkey basis, i.e. from the design part through implementation to subsequent service. Currently we provide our customers with 24/7 maintenance across the whole country.

With the emerging trend of development of data services, our company has focused on the area with high know-how and implementation of HI-TECH transmission technologies – xWDM, SDH, MSPTP or xDSL. We participated in the construction of SDH and WDM backbone networks for Telefonica CR (910 elements), installation of VDSL within the Czech Republic (860 elements). Furthermore, the construction and SWAP of SDH network for TELE2 Austria (75 elements), the construction of metropolitan CWDM network in Vienna (45 elements) and the construction of MSPTP network for T-Mobile CR (110 elements).

InfoTel is sufficiently equipped with installation (fibre optic welders, attenuation elements, microscopes) and measurement components (OTDR, iOLM, CD/PMD tester, SDH testers, PDH testers, OSA). All exclusively owned by the company.


Over the course of our operations, we have completed a large number of projects for a number of high-profile clients.